Jane & Jury Presents

Creative Meetups & Workshops in Paris, Ontario

That’s right, we said Ontario
Downtown Paris, Ontario

Small town, Big inspiration

At a time when the gap between urban and rural seems vast, we aim to connect through creativity. Our setting may be in a small-town, but the impact our speakers have had on the world is deep and lasting. We host quarterly meet-ups throughout the year centred around art, design and technology, and skill-based workshops during the winter. Speakers with local ties share their stories – What inspires and what challenges them? What are their aspirations? We hope you’ll join us to find out.







Get to get to know

Your creative neighbours.

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“If there's anything that I've learned in the whatever years I've been photographing, it's that the journey is always more compelling with other people with you.”

Paul Smith, Photographer
Paris Lectures speaker #2

It's the People

We couldn’t host this event series without you. We wouldn’t want to. From our speakers to volunteers and attendees, we work hard to ensure everyone has a good experience.

Uniquely crafted

High-quality, entertaining content gathered especially for the evening’s theme.

Curated speakers

We look for diverse speakers with stories and backgrounds that inspire the best in us.

Creative warm-up

Our tradition of "stoking" at each event is a rite of passage. If the speaker can do it, so can you.

Authentic and welcoming

We encourage our speakers to share easily relatable triumphs, failures & personal stories.

Featured Speakers

Speaker #7: David Powell

Get a personal history tour of small town Paris.

Speaker #4: Jamie Lawson

Be inspired by the work of Hamilton designer and illustrator.

Speaker #10: Megan Ogilvie

Fascinating career of a Toronto Star journalist